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Job information

  • Sector: Private
  • Salary: ₹ 30,000 - 35,000 Per Month
  • Location: Maharashtra
  • Industry: Security
  • Job type: Full Time
  • Number of vacancies: 01
  • Age: 45
  • Last date to apply: 23/02/2024
  • Provision For Food & Accommodation: No
  • Location: Kurla, Mumbai
  • Duty: 09 Hours
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Job description

-        Supervision of the 200+ manpower that are working on each of the locations.

-        Theft prevention and control. Creating necessary SOP’s and ensuring that no loopholes are left in the processes.

-        Ensuring that the operations staff are updated on the security procedures and follow it at all times.

-        CCTV monitoring of the entire site.

-        Manage outsourced security agency and ensure that security guards are deployed to meet our security requirement. Ensuring that the guards are well aware of their responsibility and comply with the laid down procedures.

-        Interact regularly with management, operations and other functions on matters concerning security, Loss Prevention, associated matters to explain and improve security awareness.

-        Knowledge of local languages in addition to English/Hindi

-        Must have good body build.

-        Ability to interact with relevant authorities is essential.

-        Carry out risk assessment to identify potential, perceived and present risk to the business and take proactive and practical control measures to reduce, minimize and eliminate identified risk.

-        Identify, investigate and resolve cases of theft, pilferage, loss to the company with an aim to reduce and recover the loss and apprehend the culprit.

-  Preference will be given to local candidates with corporate experience.

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