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Job information

  • Sector: Private
  • Salary: ₹ 35,000 - 40,000 Per Month
  • Location: Goa
  • Industry: Administration & HR
  • Job type: Full Time
  • Number of vacancies: 02
  • Age: 45 Max
  • Last date to apply: 15/06/2023
  • Location: South Goa
  • Provision For Food & Accomodation: Yes
  • Duty: 09 Hours
  • Shift: Day Shift
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Job description

To ensure for equipment and facilities:
o the implementation of preventive maintenance programs;
o the implementation of special maintenance and control of technical results;
o arrangements for handling operations or long-term storage;
o the notification of obsolete equipment, with request for relevant elimination
from assets;
o the checking of expense forecasts for maintenance activities and facility
o the collection and entry of data necessary to update the facility and equipment
management archive (ERP Software)
o on the basis of programmed activities and operating conditions, prompt
notification of spare part requirements to compensate deviations from routine
and special maintenance demands;
o that the quality of machine, equipment or plant maintenance operations,
including those carried out by third parties, is in line with reference standards;
o the updating of data concerning the certification of machines and equipment (
Fire Fighting Station), by making arrangements to check current validity of said
o the traceability of required certification, according to the area of use, with
arrangements to check current validity of said certification;
o co-ordination of maintenance personnel, proposing technical improvements
according to the characteristics of said co-ordination;
o the maintenance of relations with inspection and technical qualification
organizations ( Consultant of firefighting, Factory inspector, Pollution control
board )in reference to the area of responsibility;
o enactment of alert safety bulletins, non-conformance reports and failure
reports, by actuation of relevant activities;
o co-ordination of repair activities in the event of serious damage to plants or
facilities operating in the area of responsibility.
o collaboration in modification to plants and equipment to ensure operating
capacity of the same;
o on the basis of data received, the proposal of the modification to preventive
maintenance schedules.

Required Candidate:
- Candidate from EME background having technical knowledge only may apply

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