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Job information

  • Sector: Private
  • Salary: ₹ 40,000 - 50,000 Per Month
  • Location: Maharashtra
  • Industry: Facility Management
  • Job type: Full TIme
  • Number of vacancies: 01
  • Age: 45 Max
  • Last date to apply: 22/08/2022
  • Location: Matunga, Mumbai
  • Provision For Food & Accomodation: Yes

Job description

  • Will be required to assist Head of Residence in ensuring proper delivery of third party services for general wellbeing of the hostel inmates.
  • Support in taking the hostel residents for medical treatments and informing the Parent/ Administration in cases of any medical emergencies.
  • Will be required to ensure that maintenance and cleanliness of the hostel premises is carried out judiciously by the nominated agency.
  • The job requires staying inside the hostel provided accommodation.
  • He will also supervise the safety and security of the hostel, and report to the Head of Residence in case of any special requirement.
  • He will be required to monitor and control timely operations of any other assigned duties.

  • Person should have good commanding skills 
  • Excellent  Personality & good communication skills required 

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