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Job information

  • Sector: Private
  • Salary: ₹ 50,000 - 60,000 Per Month
  • Location: Maharashtra
  • Industry: Operations
  • Job type: Full Time
  • Number of vacancies: 01
  • Age: 45
  • Last date to apply: 20/07/2024
  • Provision For Food & Accommodation: No
  • Location: Hinjewadi,Pune
  • Duty: 09 Hours
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Job description

1. Focus on Process Orientation and consistently ensure site team follows OSPs for following:
Fault Reporting
Escalation Process – External & Internal
Incident reporting to all stakeholders & Root Cause Analysis.
2. Continuously monitor and track the following and share the documents:
Help Desk Management
Log Sheets for AMC vendor jobs & CAPA tracking.
Site Infrastructure Log
Water & Energy Management
Budget expense planning
3. Consistent accomplishment on Service Delivery Plan:
 Ensure every member is trained on OSPs, Log Sheets, Check Lists & Logbooks as per Service Delivery Plans
Ensure records are maintained for competency mapping of experienced team members.
Ensure records are maintained for periodic refresher training.
4. Consistent accomplishment on Service Management Plan:
Ensure 100% compliance to Service Delivery even in turbulent times.
Ensure Excellent customer satisfaction reports every month.
Timely & polite communication with internal & external customers.
5. Ensure EHS-BOM-BOS-CS works as a team at their respective levels.
6. Consistent accomplishment of Governance Calendar.
7. Prepare and implement Capex proposals as per client requirement.
8. Ensure co-ordination with statutory authorities for site specific certification in time.
9. Ensure all actions are taken for safety of client’s premises, equipment and all personnel. Report any unsafe conditions immediately and coordinate with HSE team.

1) Local candidates from an EME background with technical knowledge may apply.
2) Preference will be given to candidates with corporate experience.

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