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Mon, Apr 26 2021

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Covid Related Helpline numbers for Veterans

EMERGENCY HELPLINE. Following mobile numbers will be available for medical assistance :-

(a) ECHS Polyclinics -- Existing tele/ mobile numbers of Polyclinics and OsIC as promulgated by each Polyclinic.

(b)  Regional Centres, ECHS. For assistance at ECHS empanelled civil hospitals :-
(i) Dir RC-I Delhi Cantt : Col Sumit Malik - Mobile 8871402107
(ii) Dir RC-II Delhi Cantt : Col Sanjay Kumar -Mobile 8810641964
(iii) Dir RC Ambala : Col Sandeep Azad -Mobile 9800822020
(iv) Dir RC Chandimandir : Col NMS Thakur -Mobile 9501212045
(v) Dir RC Jalandhar : Col Sanjiv Malik -Mobile 7085520400
(vi) Dir RC Jammu : Col Gaurav Kanwal -Mobile 8794521617
(vii) Dir RC Yol (Under Raising) : Gp Capt HS Cheema - Mobile 7382056140

(c)  Stn HQ, ECHS Cells. For assistance in admission at Service Hospitals / guidance:-

(i) Delhi Cantt : Lt Col NS Rathore - Mobile 7839414690
(ii) Ambala : Col JP Kaushik - Mobile 9469138041
(iii) Chandimandir : Col Shamsher Singh - Mobile 9633012117
(iv) Shimla : Col Upkar Singh - Mobile 9582891316
(v) Palampur : Lt Col Purshotam Singh - Mobile 7889790271
(vi) Yol Cantt : Lt Col Shaman Kumar- Mobile 8130337780
(vii) Patiala : Lt Col Raminder Singh - Mobile 9418610787
(viii) Jallandhar : Col Gurjeet Singh - Mobile 7976352486
(ix) Amritsar : Col M Ahluwalia - Mobile 8120287703
(x) Pathankot : Col BS Sandhu - Mobile 9876625800
(i) Jammu : Col Rajeev Datta - Mobile 9373277918


(d) Service Hospitals - Helplines. For assistance in admission at Service hospitals/ guidance:-

(i) Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt - 011-25683580, 35683581,25683585
(ii) Command Hospital, Chandimandir - 0172-254899
(iii) MH Ambala - 0171-2641025
(iv) MH Jallandhar - 0181-2661632
(v) MH Amritsarr - Mobile 7717304031
(vi) MH Pathankot - Mobile 8288095910
(vii) MH Jammu - 0191-2432653
(viii) MH Shimla - 0177-2837365


(e) HQ Western Command. For guidance on any issue related to management of COVID 19, Stn Helpline (Chandimandir) can be contacted on Mobile - 9633012117

Source: Indian Army Veterans Portal

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